Small product created by big dreamers

We know our phone holder isn't revolutionary + we are okay with that! You see, we created a product that solved one of our problems and realized it could help more. So what's our mission? Make your life a little easier.

Hula+ Makeup Brush Organizer

Our hula+ Makeup Brush Organizer neatly stores your makeup while holding your phone to help you record or watch content.


  • Monique Rivera
  • Daniela Fowler
  • Maria Estupinan

how to set up?


Hula+ MagSafe Compatible Phone Mount safely and quickly secures a mobile device to everyday surfaces - including mirror and tile. 

Our suction cup works on most flat surfaces and our powerful neodymium magnets strongly secure to your MagSafe device or case.

Magnets are 100% safe on your phone. Easy to install and perfect for one-handed device use.